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Puffin Farm’s Hindu Kush flower is a skunky indica with a diesel flavor. It smokes smoothly and often unfolds into a euphoric and soothing high, but it can also dry you out.


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Puffin Purple is an indica marijuana strain. We’re still learning about the flavors and effects of Puffin Purple. Puffin Purple is a pure indica bred by Puffin Farms. This strain is rare outside of Canada. Its sweet smell is musky, grapey, pungent, fruity and earthy. Its taste is also grapey, fruity, sweet and pungent. Its potent effects make it good for migraines, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. The plant has dark olive green and bright blue buds that are airy, long and shaped like peppers. The hairs are clear and the crystals blue, tiny and frosty. Puffin Purple strain is recommended for evening use.

Puffin Purple cannabis strain gives a strong body high. It begins to creep through the brain and starts to buzz your head and body. The head and eyes become very stimulated and stoned. The body’s pain is relieved and you are numb, relaxed and happy.

The Great Atlantic Puffin Company provides a wide range of cannabis products to residents of Fryeburg, ME, North Conway, NH and surrounding areas. We take an educational approach when serving our clients, to make sure you’re well-informed about what you’re buying. We’ve created a comfortable setting in our smoke shop so everyone can have easy access and enjoy peace of mind.The products we sell at our medical marijuana dispensary are clean, safe and locally produced. Our plants are hand-trimmed and slow-cured to ensure maximum effectiveness. If you’re here to purchase cannabis, you must present your medical marijuana card. We do accept out-of-state medical cards.

If Puffin Farm looks like a classic mom-and-pop enterprise, you couldn’t find a couple more perfectly suited to this situation than Stefano and Short. Short’s organic-farming expertise started with his studying sustainable agriculture at Evergreen College, while Stefano’s a naturopathic physician with a doctorate from Bastyr University. Together, they practiced their organic-farming techniques growing gourmet mushrooms in California in the early 2000s.

I asked Stefano how she got into pot farming. “We’ve always loved cannabis, hybrid and started growing it as soon as we were able,” she said. “When cannabis was legalized in Washington State, we were already growing it medically. We realized we couldn’t live in Washington and have this historic thing happen and just watch it go by and not be a part of it, so it was either move forward with the new system or just stop doing it and be left behind. So we just decided to go for it.”

And since launching in 2014, Puffin Farm has developed a reputation for producing the finest organically grown cannabis utilizing very strict standards of sustainable farming. Short runs the farm and is the head grower, while Stefano is the CEO and heads up operations management and product development. Their simple philosophy is to produce the most organically pure flower possible.

Stefano explained: “We want to grow cannabis that we actually want to smoke! We’re super-picky and we want everything to be organic and natural with no chemicals.” “And not just organic,” Short added, “but we grow vegetarian organic, meaning we avoid products derived from factory-farmed animals such as bonemeal, blood meal or fish meal. All these things are commonly used organic fertilizers, but we don’t use them.

Puffin Farm’s Hindu Kush flower is a skunky indica with a diesel flavor. It smokes smoothly and often unfolds into a euphoric and soothing high, but it can also dry you out

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